Music Maidstone


I love making music!

When I was about 4 years old, I was a big fan of the drummer from my father’s band. Since then I wanted to play the drums. But I took a bit of a detour. I had recorder lessons for a few years and piano lessons for a few years. On my 13th birthday, I walked downstairs and there was a drumkit in the middle of the room. WOW!

After a few years I found myself playing the drums in the band called Snaer. At first it was a lot of fun, but later on the band started to fall apart.

I took a masterclass with percussion specialists ‘Slagerij van Kampen’, which was very cool, but I really wanted to play in a band again. My sister and I started Ladies Decision, now known as Maidstone. It is great to make music with these girls! Every time I look forward to our rehearsals and performances! 

Live at Radio Veronica

Maidstone is an ambitious and upbeat all female rock/pop band from the Netherlands, formerly known as Ladies Decision. The band consists of RenĂ©e van Rooij (lead vocals), Nadja Geskus (drums & backing vocals), Myriam Geskus (guitar) and Judith Overbosch (bass & backing vocals). We primarily play our own songs and occasionally perform songs of great artists we admire. 

Got curious? Please head to the website of Maidstone for more information and our upcoming gigs.